Volynskaya apartment buildings, Moscow RU

400.000 m2 apartment buildings
2.800 apartments
parking garages, commercial program, sport & entertainment center

Competition Entry 2017
Client: Krost
Location, Moscow City, Russia

The shape of the building location – two elongated plots of land enclosed by a noisy railroad and a motorway to the west and a stream with wooded banks to the east – clearly dictates the distribution of the program on the site. On this strip the most apparent solution is likely to be a straight row of high-rise towers parallel to the bordering rail-, car- and waterway, in which the towers are orientated towards the quiet green waterside.

Our proposal has four starting points: (a.) Attention to human perception from the ground floor, (b.) the urban ensemble as standout from everywhere within the city landscape, (c.) the sensation of a constantly changing appearance seen while moving in a passing car and (d.) a project that is clearly recognizable as residential complex and icon for the city.

Together with our design partner A-Project, we made a design for a group or family of seven towers, that stand together as one but show movement through a composition of shifting volumes.

inspiration reference: TAO Dance Theater
movement & flow

Starting from the given wedge-shaped, saw-tooth plan of the towers we started to manipulate the volume of the buildings in order to achieve our main goals: to design not just a series of seven individual towers, but an inseparable ensemble in which each tower owes its existence to its position in the group. At the same time the architectural appearance of the buildings is attuned to express movement and uniqueness within the context of the city. Within the framework of equally high towers we introduce an overall image of the ensemble of towers in which variety is shown through a composition of extruding and recessed volumes that has resulted in a continuous sequence of movement and change, all around the buildings. This is enhanced by the play of light and shadow resulting from the plasticity of the volumes.

transformation of the typical plan
facade material concept

All in all, with our volumetric concept we manage to create seven buildings of which each manifests a dynamic individual plasticity through its slender, elegant appearance from all viewpoints.
When viewed in a row something magical happens: the buildings suddenly display a movement that makes them exciting as an ensemble, when walking or driving along or looking at them from afar within the context of the Moscow cityscape.

Competition Entry 2017
Design: Team Paul de Vroom + Sputnik
Paul de Vroom, Henk Bultstra, Bert Karel Deuten,
Oksana Savchuk
Co-architect: A-Project, Moscow, RU
Client: KROST, Moscow, RU
Contractor: KROST, Moscow, RU