Vakwerktafel (space frame table)

rectangular table
various sizes
steel space frame


A table not to use only at diner time but also to work, discuss, play, drink, laugh and dance upon. In short: a table used for living! Robust and elegant, tough and chique, solid and light.

There was no pressing deadline for the design work, therefore the end result has been thoroughly eleborated upon and the design has been refined and refined… and refined again.

The space frame is constructed from 10mm thick blue steel bars that are finished with transparent oil. The table top can be tailor made in different materials, according to the context interior or purpose. The photographed table top is made of 30mm thorough core colored MDF, finished with a transparent coating.

The space frame is built up from triangles and pyramids and can carry considerable heavy loads, while being light weight. The space frame forms a dynamic and elegant structure by angling in the center part and angling out the legs.

The table top seems to float loosely on top, because it is put on separators. Therefore the space frame can be combined with almost any table top.

The space frame is strong enough to be extended by more central pyramids, to reach a length up to 350cm.

Design: Sputnik
Bert Karel Deuten,
Roberta Redavid
space frame production: Indusigns, Zwolle