På grensen mellom land og sjø – visitor centre, Tungevågen, Norway

2.500 m2 – visitor / science centre competition

Open competition entry 2015
Client: Maritimt Vitensenter Tungen
Location: Tungevågen, Norway


There is no better place to learn about the maritime world than where the forces, the beauty and richness of the sea are tangible: on the edge between land and sea. We took a calculated risk by placing the building outside of the competition area, because of that great opportunity, although it probably diminished our chances of winning the competition.

In our proposal the building is a subdued addition to the landscape. The surf and the rough rocks, plants and mosses are visible from all spaces in the building. In stormy weather the waves break on the storm breakers with the viewing terraces. The continuous horizontal window frames the view on the horizon and emphasizes the vastness of the fjord landscape. It offers the perfect backdrop for the exhibitions with a direct link between exhibit and reality.


wave breaker


roofscape is part of coastal wander route




continuous horizontal window frames the view on the sea

Open competition entry in 2015
Design: Team Paul de Vroom + Sputnik
Paul de Vroom, Henk Bultstra, Bert Karel Deuten
Client: Maritimt Vitensenter Tungen, Norway