Accelerating Love Bay – Waterfront development masterplan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan ROC

1 km2 master plan
3,5 km waterfront landscaping
3.200.000 m2 built program including housing, commercial, leisure

Masterplan 2006-2008
Client: City of Kaohsiung
Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan ROC


Kaohsiung is the second city in Taiwan and the 6th harbour in the world. As in many port cities, the older wharfs are going out of use.
A key feature of the master plan is the connection between the waterfront and the green Shoushan mountain. The master plan is characterised by two entirely different urban areas next to each other on the water: a park city with low density at the foot of the mountain and a super dense business district as a continuation of the existing city centre. These areas meet each other across a central water square surrounded by public program.

a regular waterfront development density (Large) redistributed into Medium and eXtraLarge

The Soushan Mountain Park will be connected to the heart of the Waterfront, The Lovebay, by extending the boulevards onto the quays. The pier will have a low rise, lush leisure atmosphere. Complexes surrounded by palm trees, restaurants with roof terraces for al fresco dining, waterfront park boardwalks for gallivanting and a marina to show of yachts. On the other side of the Lovebay the Central Business District of Kaohsiung is extended to the waterside. High rise commercial office towers and hotels on top of airconditioned shopping malls. The quay program is completed by a cruise terminal for which an international design competition was held that was won by Reiser Umemoto (RUR)


section at Central Business District


section at Leisure Pier




Master planning is all about communication and politics. We strongly believe in scale models as a communication tool. It really is different to stand around a model discussing a scheme than to sit and watch a slideshow. In order to gain support for the master plan, several meetings and presentations with officials from the Kaohsiung city government were organized. We sometimes felt like a traveling circus, carrying around huge models that barely survived the flights. Nevertheless, in the end we delivered a concept that prepares the Lovebay Waterfront of Kaohsiung for the decades to come.

Joost and Henk setting up the traveling model at the UDB in Kaohsiung


winner of the invited competition 2006

Master plan commission 2006 – 2008
Design: Team KWF: Sputnik, Juurlink & Geluk, EDS Environmental Design Solutions
Henk Bultstra, Bert Karel Deuten, Jaakko van ‘t Spijker,
Huub Juurlink (JG) Joost de Wit (JG) Binsu Chiang, Christopher Sklar,
Brendan Cormier, Wensha Kung (EDS), Tsai (EDS)
Client: City of Kaohsiung, Taiwan ROC
Rapid transport consultant: MRT-engineering, Kaohsiung
Traffic consultant: Shin Traffic Consultants, Kaohsiung
Floating park engineering: FlexBase, Delft

Resin model: Made by Mistake