60°table – furniture design for Big Green Egg Europe

Triangular table design

production number: 6

Completion in 2018
Client: Big Green Egg Europe
Location: De Lier, The Netherlands

 The design of the 60°table is part of the commission for the total-design of the office building for Big Green Egg Europe, in which the architecture, interior and furniture designs for the building reinforce each other. The 60°table facilitates and stimulates any kind of meeting, be it a private conversation, the welcoming of a group or a lunch meeting with all colleagues.

The 60°table’s wooden table top is an equilateral triangle that rests on a steel space frame. The big advantage of the equilateral triangle is that this shape combines the intimacy of a round table with the combination possibilities of a square model. The space frame leaves generous leg space under the table on all sides, even when the tables are combined together.

PRO’s and CON’s of table shapes: (left) a group meeting; (middle) a one-on-one meeting; (right) connection possibilities

The Indian Apple wooden table top is expressive and radiates a warm atmosphere. The space frame is built up from 10 mm thick steel rods. It gives the table a light-footed appearance. The table top seemingly floats in between the chairs.

completion July 2018

Design: Team Paul de Vroom + Sputnik, Rotterdam
Bert Karel Deuten, Henk Bultstra, Paul de Vroom
Oksana Savchuk, Anastasiia Ignatova
Client: Big Green Egg Europe, De Lier

60°table table top: Xylos, Rotterdam
60°table space frame: Indusign, Amsterdam

photographs: Ossip van Duivenbode