nov.’17: Hofbad Tower up for D&B tender

We’ve produced a feasibility study for the Hofbad Toren in The Hague commissioned by housing association Staedion. The resulting model is a highrise with social housing apartments and it is used as a base for the D&B tender. The challenge at the location is the limited size of the plot and the requested program by the client. Especially the equation of number of apartments and required parking spots presents a mathematical puzzle that was difficult to solve. The rules for housing associations are strict: providing parking facilities is considered a commercial activity, which housing association are very limited to perform, and therefore a built parking facility is nearly impossible to realize within a social housing business case. All parking places are provided on the ground surface. The presented model is the optimum of surface parking, number of apartments and required storage spaces, within the boundaries of the zoning plan. Since we are so entangled in the numbers game of this project, we hope we can continue the project with the selected contractor.

Team Paul de Vroom + Sputnik