jul’20 Henk Bultstra online lecture at Strelka Institute, Moscow

On July 14th, Henk shared in a one hour lecture some of our findings and learnings from working simultaneously in The Netherlands and in Russia.

This lecture tells the story of how, at the threshold of the 21st century, we architects fully educated in the Dutch tradition of housing and planning, plunged into the adventure of actually putting theory into practice in the country of our primal fascination: Russia. Fully equipped with knowledge of the Russian Avant-garde we were challenged by an unconventional Moscow developer to start working on modern housing complexes and residential developments in the midst of a country that was still undergoing the most radical political transformation imaginable. In the course of time we planned, designed, elaborated and constructed projects seemingly just like we normally do in Holland, but this time within a completely inversed reality, which changed our outlook on architecture and our profession forever.