About Us

We design to build! We produce designs for complex assignments in the field of architecture, urbanism and interior design. Typological research forms the base for our designs. The result is an integral design, with sensitivity to the project’s context, the spatial quality and the construction detail.

” Our name, Sputnik, stems from the first satellite. It symbolizes innovation and an optimistic view on the future. We look forward, launch sky-reaching ideas and realize them with an astonishing simplicity.

Nevertheless our feet are solidly on the ground. We never surround our designs with academic smoke screens. The project and the client’s ambition always come first and the result must be sustainable in the broadest sense. “

Sputnik designs for a sustainable future, on different scale levels, from high rise to bungalow. The buildings we design are anchored solidly in their surrounding urban context or landscape. The goal is a building that is comfortable and that, in the long run, remains its spatial, aesthetic quality and technical performance. Our work therefore has a distinct and timeless character.

Sputnik was founded in 1997 and the office is located in the citycenter of Rotterdam.

Since the summer of 2014, Sputnik works intensively together with Paul de Vroom Architects. The co-operation brings out the best of our joint experience and knowledge. Team Paul de Vroom & Sputnik works on international projects that vary from (social) housing projects to offices and other commercial buildings.

During the design process we communicate with our clients through models. This has proven to be a successful method that works as a kick-starter in the early stages of a project. It opens up the discussion about how things operate without the blurring opinions about aesthetics.

Step by step, together with our clients and advisors, we take the project to the next levels. The end result brings together the spatial and architectural quality, the construction logic and the budget awareness.


The Sputnik team consists of passionate design professionals who know their business. We work with a small team in which everybody carries responsibility and decision power in his own field of expertise. This work method guarantees our clients a personal treatment of the project.


  • Paul de Vroom Architects
  • A-Project
  • Studio AAAN
  • Beers Nielsen
  • Felixx
  • ZUS
  • Juurlink & Geluk
  • EDS
  • Thunnissen
  • OBR
  • Batenburg Bouwadvies
  • Zonneveld
  • ABT
  • Arup
  • Mobius
  • Bremen Bouwadvies


  • Abu Dhabi City Council
  • Actium housing association
  • Adetola Ojemai
  • Big Green Egg Europe
  • BiZa (Ministery of the Interior)
  • COA
  • De Maese development
  • Domesta housing association
  • Eigen Haard housing association
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Heem Wonen housing association
  • Heijmans development
  • Heuvelrug Wonen housing association
  • Kaohsiung Urban Department
  • Krost development
  • Parteon housing association
  • Qualm
  • Stadlander housing association
  • Staedion housing association
  • SWZ housing association
  • Taiwan Central Government
  • Trivire housing association
  • Vivare housing association
  • Volksbelang housing association
  • Waterschap Rivierenland
  • Wonen Limburg housing association
  • Woonbedrijf housing association
  • Woonbron housing association
  • Woonplus housing association
  • Woonstad housing association
  • Zayaz housing association

Awards/ Competitions

  • Japan Architect Shinkenchiku Residential Competition, honorary mention, 1997
  • Elderly Housing, invited competition, Linz, Austria, 2nd prize (with Offshore Architects), 2000
  • Catle Auction Hall, competition, Laboisen, Austria, 2nd prize (with Offshore Architects), 2000
  • New Taiwan by Design competition, Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan, 2nd prize, 2003
  • Charlotte Kohler Award, Prince Bernhard Culture Foundation, 2004
  • Achterhaven, Delfshaven, invited competition, Rotterdam, 1st prize, 2004
  • Westpunt Hoogvliet, invited competition, Rotterdam, 1st prize, 2005
  • Akranes City Square, competition, Akranes, Iceland, 3rd prize (with Orri Steinarson), 2005
  • Snaefelsnes visitor centre, competition, Snaefelsnes, Iceland, 3rd prize (with Orri Steinarson), 2006
  • Kaohsiung Waterfront Development Competition, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 1st prize (with Juurlink [+] Geluk, EDS), 2006
  • Kunstkas, Artpark, Rotterdam 1st prize, (with Pena Architecture) 2007
  • Erasmus University Campus, Rotterdam, 1st prize (with Juurlink + Geluk), 2007
  • UCCW campus extension Berlin, 2nd prize, (with De Zwarte Hond), 2011
  • Coolhaven, masterplan competition, Rotterdam, 1st prize, (with Juurlink + Geluk), 2011
  • Rublevskoye Housing Complex, invited competition, Moscow, Russia, 2nd prize (Team Paul de Vroom & Sputnik), 2014
  • Donskoy 5th Proezd, invited competition, Moscow, Russia, 2nd prize (Team Paul de Vroom & Sputnik), 2017
  • A forest with gentle giants, invited international competition, Moscow, Russia, 1st prize (Team Paul de Vroom & Sputnik), 2018
  • Dutch House; Silver Award at The Golden Capital Fair ’19 in Novosibirsk
  • Dutch House; Silver Award at Dom na Brestskoi Priglashaet ’19
  • Dutch House; Diploma of the Union of Architects of Russia at Zodchestvo ’18 International Architecture Festival
  • Big Green Egg; Adriaan Dessing Prijs 2020

Exhibitions/ Conferences

  • Groepsportretten WEB98, Cityhall The Hague/ Cityhall Almere, 1999
  • IN Progress, NAi, Rotterdam, 2003
  • ”A fairytail”, elderly housing, Purmerend, 2004
  • AIR, Laboratorium Rotterdam, 2004
  • Amsterdam 2.0, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, 2006
  • WiMBY!, Boymans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, 2007
  • International Social Housing Festival, Amsterdam, 2017
  • Goed Wonen in een Betaalbare Woning, Museum ‘t Schip, Amsterdam, 2017