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Never loose a screw or bolt again!

After endless fretting with hex keys we decided to design furniture of our own that can be put together without the use of any tools, screws or glue. Durable furniture that takes up little space in storage and transport. We are inspired by the structural wood joints invented by Chinese carpenter Lu Ban in, around, 500 BCE.

Under the brand name LUBAN we produce clear-cut, usable design, that is timeless and that is produced with high quality, sustainable materials. The furniture is durable, ready for next generations to enjoy as well.


Lounge Chair Kids

(price on request)

For children between 2 and 10 yrs

The Lounge Chair Kids is assembled without the use of any tools or fastenings. It consists of 11 pieces that slide into each other. The result is a comfortable, elegant and timeless design chair. The pieces are a joy to assemble and after completion it’s the perfect reading chair to unwind in. As a flat pack, the chair takes up very little space in storage.


The standard Lounge Chair Kids is made of 10 mm plain varnished birch plywood. It is also available in black and white varnish. On demand the chair is also available in various laminate colors. Related products are the fresh green with signal red cushion set and a side table. The Lounge Chair Kids measures 60 x 37 x 52 cm

Wall Cabinet

(price on request)

The Wall Cabinet is made of 22 mm thick HPL laminated Birch plywood. The pieces slide into each other. No tools, screws or glue are needed. The shelves can be placed in different slots to create more diverse shelve heights. The cabinet is custom made per order. Any configuration is possible.

Picknick Table

(out of production)