Back in the day

Today the office is lead by Bert Karel Deuten and Henk Bultstra, both founding partners. Our team consists of talented young professionals with various international backgrounds and education.

” We started Sputnik because we wanted to turn our ideas into buildings. “

Sputnik was founded in 1997 by Bert Karel Deuten, Henk Bultstra, Jaakko van ’t Spijker and Romke de Haan as a Rotterdam designers collective. Over the years the collective operated in different formations before settling in its current setup in 2012.

We learned the trade at esteemed offices like OMA, UN Studio and Toyo Ito. With a couple of years of working experience we got our first commission for a villa. From that point we slowly but surely worked on our portfolio of projects. In the formative years we were invited to design competitions of which we won Achterhaven in Rotterdam, Westpunt in Hoogvliet and Markiezaten in Bergen Op Zoom; all of them proposals that turned into commissions.

Besides our domestic work we looked for adventures abroad. We successfully entered international open design competitions resulting in the winning and commissioning of the Kaohsiung Waterfront Redevelopment Masterplan in Taiwan and a second place for our design for Sun Moon Lake, also in Taiwan. Since then we periodically enter competitions around the world for various types of program, from housing to public buildings. Later on we were contracted by a Nigerian client for an industrial complex in Benin and in Abu Dhabi UAE we tendered and were commissioned three successive master planning assignments.

In 2003 Sputnik was awarded the Charlotte Kohlerprize by the Prince Bernhard Culture Foundation.

Many times since we started we  joined forces with other talented designers to remain open to alternative design approaches. Sputnik worked in various collaborations on successful projects in The Netherlands, Taiwan, Abu Dhabi, Russia and Nigeria. Collaborations with ZUS Zones Urbaines Sensibles, Pena Architecture and Offshore Architects preceded the collaboration with Juurlink [+] Geluk with whom we worked on large scale master planning projects in Taiwan and Abu Dhabi. Currently, since the summer of 2014, Sputnik works intensively together with Paul de Vroom Architects. The co-operation brings out the best of our joint experience and knowledge. Formalized as Team Paul de Vroom & Sputnik we work on projects that vary from housing projects to offices and other commercial buildings in The Netherlands and abroad. These projects include master planning and designs for apartment buildings in Moscow, Russia and private and public housing and office buildings in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague and other cities in The Netherlands.